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When Next We Meet
By Leslie Shumate
"When Next We Meet." book cover
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What others have said about the book...
it is reassuring to know that others have made it through difficult times...
      "We should all be so blessed to have such a detailed remembrance of our parents' lives.  When we experience difficult times, as we are doing right now, it is reassuring to know that others have made it through.  When Next We Meet is a testimony that life goes on, and that it is all right to deal with the mundane and the day-to-day while in the midst of uncertainty.  After sharing the Shumates' lives even for the brief two-year period covered in the book, I felt enriched to have known them."
            U.S. Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho
for anyone separated from a loved one...
      “This is a touching, sometimes humorous peek into the lives of a young married couple separated by World War II events.  The feelings of longing and love they express in their love letters are universal and anyone who has ever been apart from their beloved for an extended period of time whether due to war, work or other circumstances, can relate to Gene and May Floyd.  Especially young mothers trying to raise children alone.  Leslie Shumate has shared something very personal and deeply moving.  Makes a great gift!
            Marie Chroninger... Salmon, Idaho
preserving our history, plus a comfort...
      “I have been reading a lot of literature recently about that time [W.W.II] and feel like we, this present generation, have no appreciation for what has been sacrificed for us.  It is through efforts like yours that those of us (like me) will learn about such sacrifices and lives.
      I am in the mid “300’s” of the book and it has been delightful.  It reminds me that I should be recording Daniel’s antics more regularly.”
[post script written after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack:]
      "... your book has given me a lot of comfort in the last week, knowing that it's OK to move ahead with life when life is shattered as you know it."
            Susan Wheeler... Washington D.C.
            Communications Director for Idaho Senator Mike Crapo
            and mother of toddler Daniel

another young mother writes...
      “I have been reading the book you compiled.  My mom sent it to me.  It is soooo fascinating.  What a love story!!  I love all the drawings in it.”
            Pattie Frandson... Boise, Idaho
from those who were there....
      “Your book is a tribute to your parents during the World War II era.  I feel, as you do, that we should never forget the impact this war had on our lives.”
            Fran Fuller... Salmon, Idaho
      “Both my wife and I enjoyed reading it, and it brought to mind, after many years, our own experiences (good and otherwise) during World War II which were similar to those of your parents.
      Like your mother, Adell, with our small son, went to live with her father and grandmother, juggling the frustrations of food and gasoline coupons with other situations accompanying wartime living.  For most of the time I was aboard a destroyer in the south and western Pacific.
      Those who experienced the war at home or in the military and survived with families intact were the lucky ones.  It was a sobering and maturing experience for all involved.”
            Worth Keene... San Luis Obispo, California
      “I received the shipment about an hour ago and have been reading ever since.  Great book, incredible idea and what a trip down memory lane with the war news.  Our parent’s generation was surely a special one for the challenges they faced and the toughness and strength with which they faced them.
      I am enjoying every minute of my reading.”
            Kathleen Gliksman... Los Angeles, California
      "Through this book, its pictures and drawings, I was able to fondly relive some of my childhood.  While 'the greatest generation' coped with the worries and dislocations of WWII, we children were free to play, go to school and learn from their example.  We collected tin foil and stamps, proudly bought war bonds, and coped with the shortage of bubble gum.  Some children faced tougher times.  We learned from our families to love our country."
            Donna E. Willoughby
            Emeritus Dean, Golden West College
            Huntington Beach, California

      "A daughter honors the strengths that enabled her parents to endure the hardships of separation during The War.  A loving exchange that conveys through letters what many American families experienced. It's a really nice read."
            Mary Ann Oberhaus
            Professor Emeritus, Orange Coast College
            Costa Mesa, California

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